"On Wings of Fury:" Cosplaying Shyvana's Many Skins

Rich Kirby
Darkflame Shyvana Cosplay by Galuren

She's half-dragon, occasional tank, and All Girl. League of Legends' Shyvana has also become a cosplay darling. And like that of so many LoL Champions, Shyvana's armor will give your worbla-shaping skills a run for the money, no matter which of her skins you choose: 

Classic Shyvana, as cosplayed here by SnowScarredLady:

Classic Shyvana Cosplay by SnowScarredLady

Ice Drake Shyvana, as cosplayed here by Margaret Cosplay & Art

Ice Drake Shyvana Cosplay by Matgaret Art & Cosplay

Ironscale Shyvana, as cosplayed here by Elphiria:

Ironscale Shyvana Cosplayed by Elphiria

Boneclaw Shyvana, as cosplayed here by Dragon's Nightshade:

Boneclaw Shyvana Cosplayed by Dragon's Nightshade

Championship Shyvana, as cosplayed here by Laura Tif:

Championship Shyvana Cosplayed by Laura Tif

...and Darkflame Shyvana, as cosplayed here, up top, and on the homepage by Galuren, as photographed by Zaikoor Photography:

Darkflame Shyvana Cosplayed by Galuren

Be sure to check out Kinpatsu Cosplay who is waist-deep in all matters Shyvana on her Facebook page

So much Shyvana you don't know where to start? We recommend Captain Izzy Cosplay's Darkflame Shyvana Helm Tutorial. Captain Izzy and that Helm can be seen here:   

Darkflame Shyvana Cosplay by Captain Izzy