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Rich Kirby
Ugin Artwork

Envy Magic: The Gathering cosplayers. From their cardboard stew of dragons, angels, demons, wizards, vampires, zombies, elves, dwarves, goblins, samurai, barbarian hordes, ancient Old Ones, time-travelers, dirigible pilots, and just about any fantasy race or character trope ever imagined, there is never any shortage of inspiration. But whatever MTG might lack in originality it more then makes up for in sheer volume: the franchise has been delivering nearly a thousand new pieces of original artwork and snippets of "flavor text" in the form of playing cards every year since 1993. Through a series of novels -- often centering around the Planeswalkers, those individuals blessed with the ability to travel among all MTG's myriad worlds -- cosplayers can get the back-story they often crave.

One of these Plansewalkers is Ugin, a spirit dragon, and the muse for the latest costume by Canadian cosplayer Cat Ward. She debuted her creation --  a goliath of bamboo, insulation foam, duct tape and metal wire -- recently at Anime North.  For the full interview, check out the Gathering Magic fan site and the video below.

Ugin Cosplay by Cat Ward, from Magic the Gathering

Cat Ward as Ugin the Spirit Dragon





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