Grinding Gears: Steampunk Kato's Couture

Rich Kirby
Kato in Steampunk Cosplay with Scissors

Kate Lambert, better known as Kato, is a Welsh fashion designer who has been called the "supermodel of steampunk." With her wildly successful line of Steampunk Couture, founded in 2005, and her numerous pin-up appearances on calendars and in magazines such as Bizarre, Fey, Ladies of Steampunk, it is truly tough to calculate whether Kato is more famous for making clothes or wearing them.

For someone so at home in the Victorian Era, she is a remarkable Renaissance Woman. She started Steamgirl LLC, the first subscription "multi-media neo-Victorian fashion erotica site," in 2013 and continues to design all its models' clothes, as well as create all the makeup, sets and props for the shoots. Not yet impressed? Kato also keeps busy writing for Ladies of Steampunk magazine, is working on a graphic novel, and just teamed up with photographer Chloe Barcelou to launch the first Mori Kei clothing company outside of Japan.

...and we count ourselves ahead of the game when we manage to pay our phone bill on time...

Steampunk Kato Cosplay with ParasolSteampunk Kato Cosplay as Military

Steampunk Kato Cosplay with Gun and GogglesSteampunk Kato Cosplay

Steampunk Kato Cosplay in UnderwearSteampunk Kato Cosplay with Caged Bird





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