DIY: A Light-Up Bow for Princess Zelda

Rich Kirby
3D-Printed "Legend of Zelda" Bow for Cosplay

We are not sure what it is that inspires fans of Nintendo's bucolic The Legend of Zelda (and there are millions: it's among the most popular and enduring videogame series of all time) to express their fandom in such high-tech ways. Last month we admired cosplayer Alyssa DiPaolo's DIY electronic harp, programmed to play themes from The Ocarina of Time; today we draw your attention to 3D printing hobbyist Scott Fisher.

Scott and his wife, both life-long Zelda fans, have only just begun cosplaying. Nevertheless they are diving into the deep end by creating an arduino-controlled 3D-printed bow. The prop lights up with varying designs and intensity via 56 strategically arranged Neopixels, triggered by switches positioned in the weapon's handle. What's more, the entire thing is held together by magnets, facilitating repairs.

It took Scott many days to achieve his goal, but you can expedite the process thanks to the wonderfully detailed guide he has provided on the Instructables site. And if you're still not convinced it's worth the time sink, check out the videos below of Zelda's Bow in action.



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