Daughter of Drakulon

Rich Kirby
Vampirella Cosplay by Leeanna Vamp

Vampirella was the first hero-vampire. Before Blade, Angel, and that guy from the Twilight series, Vampy was using her super-human strength, bat-morphing powers, and those canine incisors to fight the real Evils for whom she was often mistaken.

Cover of Vampirella #1

Created by the great writer/editor/literary agent and science fiction super-fan Forrest J. Ackerman for Warren Publications in 1969, Vampirella was clearly a product of Ackerman's spaceship-infused imagination. She was from the planet Vampirella as played by the Actress Talisia SotoDrakulon, where the rivers ran with blood and everyone had the powers we Earthlings might view as "vampiric." When a drought endangered her people, she managed to commandeer a ride away from some visiting astronauts and came to Earth searching for a way to save her race. Subsequent retcons and re-imaginings depicted her as the Daughter of Lilith, or Drakulon not as a distant planet but rather a neighborhood in Hell, or of similar gothic and less science ficiton-y origin.

Wherever she came from, Vampy was a huge hit. She was so popular, in fact, that most consider her as the character that prompted DC and Marvel to launch their own horror series shortly after her premiere, ushering in the monster-intensive comic books and characters of the early 1970's. 

Vampirella Cosplay by Rosanna Roche

Despite their horror books' popularity, Warren went bankrupt in 1983, and Vampirella ceased publication. Harris Publications picked up the property and Drakulon's favorite daughter returned under their banner from 1991 to 2007. In 2010, Dynamite Entertainment acquired the character's rights, and Vampirella has seen a huge resurgence in popularity under that company's thoughtful nurturing -- although it took all her regenerative super-powers to survive the dreadful direct-to-video movie starring Talisa Soto (upper left) in '96. 

Vampirella Cosplay by Marie-Claude-BourbonnaisVampirella Cosplay by Julia LeighVampirella Cosplay by Bianca Beauchamp

In fact, Dynamite caused a stir in both the the comic book reading and cosplay communities this month with the release of the first issue of Swords of Sorrow, a series that manages to team Vampirella up with Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris, and Jungle Girl. The reviews have been solid and the photo shoot it inspired looked like it was a blast.  

Covr of Swords of Sorrow #1Swords of Sorrow Cosplay



LeeAnna Vamp portrays Drakulon's Favorite Daughter up top and on the homepage, while Rosanna Rocha lounges as the hero above  Julia Leigh (up left), Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (up center) and Bianca Beauchamp (up right) have also tried on the iconic red mono-kini body-thong . Below, Ivette assumes a more Shakespearean pose.

Vampirella Cosplay by Ivette