Crafting a Mighty Transformer from Household Objects

Rich Kirby
Bumble Bee Transformers Cosplay by Peter Kokis

Peter Kokis is the owner/operator of Brooklyn RobotWorks. He is also a cosplay performer. Most significantly, he is from Brooklyn, which ensured that his approach to both robot-making and cosplay would be frugal and maybe a little off-kilter.

True to heritage, Kokis insists upon assembling his iconic science fiction mechanicals from common household items. His Transformer Bumble Bee (above), for example, was made in part from sponge holders, egg slicers, hair curlers and a toilet plunger. But as can be seen from the pictures, his robot is not some bad-joke low-rent Frankenstein but can stand toe-to-toe with the most carefully crafted worbla and foam armor costumes. Weighing in at 148 pounds, Kokis' Bumblebee required over 425 hours of crafting.

Bumblebee is not the extent of Kokis' creations. He has created additional Transformers (including the villainous Starscream, below), mecha from the movie Pacific Rim, and power armor from Edge of Tomorrow, as well as a monstrous xenomorph from the Aliens franchise, his first "organic" creation. And everything is "from spare parts." He can be found at conventions throughout the New York area, and yes, he *is* available for children's parties...

Transformer Starscream Cosplay by Peter Kokis

Peter Kokis as Starscream; photo by Beth Brown

Transformer Ironhide Cosplay by Peter Kokis

Peter Kokis as Transformer Ironhide; photo by Alan Camuto

 Pacific Rim's Typhoon Cosplay by Peter Kokis

Peter Kokis as Pacific Rim's Typhoon mecha; Photo by Beth Brown

"Aliens"  Cosplay by Peter Kokis

Aliens xenomorph cosplay by Peter Kokis; photo by Beth Brown




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