Causeplay Shop Re-Opens

Rich Kirby
Causeplay Logo

Last year, Meagan Marie, cosplayer and the Senior Commmunity Manager for the company that makes the Tomb Raider games, opened the online Causeplay Shop. Her idea was to bring together the community of cosplayers, photographers, propmakers, and other artisans for semi-annual sales that contribute to great causes. In 2014, the shop raised over $6,000 for The Trevor Project and Room to Read

The shop has just re-opened for June, and this time all proceeds will benefit the Nepal Youth Foundation, which provides support, education, housing and medical care for the children of Nepal.

There is some great stuff available there (but it does seem to be going fast...) from some of our favorite cosplayers, including Jessica Nigri, Riddle, Destiny Nickelsen, Yaya Han, and many more. 





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