Armed and Fabulous: Furiosa Cosplay in Record-Time

Rich Kirby
Jack Gabriel's DIY Imperator Furiosa's prosthetic arm

What is it about Mad Mad's angry, noisy, dreary world that inspires so many cosplayers?  Maybe, in the case of the latest series installment, Mad Max: Fury Road, it's the introduction of Imperator Furiosa, the strongest, ass-kicking-est, and just plain real-est capital "F" Female character to grace a genre movie since Ripley rocked a power loader in Aliens. Certainly Charlize Theron's character was on the mind of Jack Gabriel a 19-year old UK art student when he challenged himself, and delighted the rest of us, by assembling a Furiosa costume, including the prosthetic left arm, in less than three days for London's recent MCM Comic Con. There are further pix and details on Jack's Tumblr, and an interview he did with Yahoo Movies. Jack also shows up in the London Comic Con re-cap video below at 01:37.  




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